• ZALGOI is a company authorized by the Basque Government to make first sales of fish in the port of Pasaia.
  • We are a young and experienced team that has been working in the sector for more than 20 years.
  • Pasaia, due to its geographical location and fishing tradition, is a good port of sale.
  • It is an authorised point for the sale of fish from third countries.
  • We unload, weigh, sort, expose and sell the fish.
  • If there is a sales contract between the ship and the buyer, we limit ourselves to weighing and verifying the quantities landed.
  • We sell all species of fish regardless of the fishing area and fishing gear used.
  • In ZALGOI we pamper the merchandise and try to get the best market price.
  • We are dedicated to representing, defending and solving any problem that may arise from the entry into port of the boat or truck to the auction of the fish and its payment.
  • We collect, clean and return the unloaded containers to the ship.

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